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  1. questionHow do I use 'CaseWare Tracker' to review Lock Down status?
    CaseWare Tracker allows users to view multiple CaseWare files which have been set up to Lock Down at a pre-determined date. To view this information: Open CaseWare Tracker (refer: Figure 1). Select Lock down view. CaseWare Tracker will now filter according to the selected view. Locate the Lockd ...
  2. questionWhat is CaseWare Tracker?
    CaseWare Tracker provides an efficient solution for managing your CaseWare engagement files. Instead of sorting through countless files in different locations, you can quickly view and access client files through one convenient interface. CaseWare Tracker can be launched using the desktop Icon ( ...
  3. questionHow do I Compress Multiple CaseWare Files?
    CaseWare Working Papers allows for more than one engagement file to be compressed at a time. To do this: From the 'CaseWare' menu, select File | Tracker to launch 'CaseWare Tracker' Select an appropriate View from the left-hand-side pane (Refer to: Figure 1) Sort the engagement files by click ...